Julian Jang-Jaccard


Dr Julian Jang-Jaccard has been working as a research scientist at CSIRO ICT Centre since 2002.  Originally trained as a database transaction guru, these days she spends much of her attention looking at issues of security, privacy, and trust  in e-commerce, cloud, and mobile network.  More concretely, she devises security architecture and algorithms to make interconnected system impenetrable as well as works on defining privacy policy to protect sensitive and personal data.  Her work often incorporate ideas from other disciplinary areas of computer science for example, machine learning technique and Human-Computer-Interactions. 

Prior to joining CSIRO, she worked as a professional java developer and database administrator. She?s a certified java developer and oracle DBA. She obtained her bachelor degree from University of Western Sydney, and her Masters degree and PhD from University of Sydney under the tutelage of Prof. Alan Fekete, the world renowned database researcher.

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