Strategic Management Prospects


The period of high expectations of digital transformation benefits is followed by a period of discussion on strategies and methods for managing digital changes. Not only the rapid development of technology, but also the turbulence of the external environment contribute to the view that traditional approaches to strategic management of the company are irrelevant. Understanding the need to modify classic strategic management methods actualises the task of developing new methodological fundamentals for strategic management. The initial stage of solving this problem is the analysis of the current state of research in this area. This study analyses the Russian research community viewpoints on the prospects of companies' strategic management regarding the digital economy status quo and trends in Russia. This paper answers the following research questions. What impact does the digital economy environment of Russian companies have on their management systems and what are the prerequisites for changing approaches and mechanisms of strategic management? How do the basic strategic management approaches differ for companies with different experiences, capabilities, and expectations of digital transformation? The key managerial prospects of the study concern the benefits of various strategic management approaches for companies with different backgrounds, capabilities, and expectations of digital transformation.

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