Invitation to Correspond


Digital transformation also includes the potential and practice of digital social innovation, whereby the affordances of digital technologies are used to address contemporary social issues. This is particularly relevant to the not-for-profit sector, which plays an important role in Australian society delivering community services. There is a growing appreciation of the ability of this sector to innovate, given its closeness to grass-roots social issues, its flexibility, and capacity to recruit staff and volunteers from all walks of life to contribute to its operations. The sector often operates in-between and in-connection-with government and business, and such collaboration with diverse viewpoints can also be a stimulus for innovation. However, various constraints have been identified, such as the lagging digital proficiency of the sector and its workforce, and the general standoff between purpose, profit and regulatory motivations. The relationship between modern technologies and social innovation by the not-for-profit sector is of national policy interest and worthy of investigation into its originality, opportunities and obstacles. From this brief discussion article, the author invites interested readers to correspond and contribute to this research project.