Indonesia has entered into global economic development that is based on innovation, communication and technology. This is the first point where it becomes the driving force in economic growth. The Indonesian millennial population, which is creative and innovative, has the potential to increase national economic growth based on the digital economy and aim for Society 5.0. Nowadays, innovation and creativity are the keys to success in economic growth in the globalization era. Those keys are closely related to the intellectual property system. In the globalization era, developed countries are the ones utilizing intellectual property as a driving force for the economy through science, technology, creativity and new innovation. One of the changes in media is the rise of Over-The-Top (OTT) service providers, a media service growing in popularity in the world of telecommunication, government and academia. Given these changes, Indonesia should protect a creator’s economic rights over content through implementing regulations to enforce its copyright law and enable the monetization of content. Telecommunications providers should focus more on the content industry.

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