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Each year TelSoc hosts the Henry Sutton Oration in Melbourne (we skipped 2020!) to commemorate the distinguished but scarcely known Victorian scientist, engineer and inventor from Ballarat.

This year as Orator we have an experienced engineer explaining to us why the past is important to the future.

David Piltz, Senior Engineer & Executive, Telstra

“The Heritage of Telecommunications – A Sustainable Approach”

Telecommunications is no longer about telephone calls at home and the major changes we have seen over the last 20 years will probably be dwarfed by the changes still to come. Part of understanding the future is understanding and learning lessons from the past.
Heritage Telecommunications Ltd. (HTL) has been established to professionally organise and catalogue the Heritage collection and the operation of the National Communications Museum; the largest  specialist telecommunications museum anywhere in the World.

Join TelSoc and David for a luncheon on Thursday 20th May 2021 at the Angliss Restaurant, 550 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

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