Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy

The latest issue of our journal, the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, is now available on the TelSoc website at  Please have a look at it.  You can download the full issue (towards the bottom of the issue page) or select individual articles.  All content is free to TelSoc financial members (when logged in).

As usual, the June issue contains a wide variety of content.  There is a contribution by Holly Raiche to the debate on Universal Service for the Twenty-First Century.  There is an obituary for Doug Campbell, former Deputy Managing Director of Telecom Australia and head of Telstra Countrywide.  And there is an appreciation of John Costa’s 35 Years of Contributions to this Telecommunications Journal, after John Costa’s recent retirement from the Board of Editors.

In the Digital Economy section, there are five papers; and, in the Telecommunications section, there is one paper.

The reprint from the TJA is from 1971 and continues the theme of the East-West Radio Relay System, this time concerning the passive thermal design of the equipment shelters. 

As always, we welcome any comments or feedback that you may have.