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Some members have had problems getting newsletters recently.
It took quite a while, but we finally identified it was a problem with Outlook using non-standard code.
We apologise to those affected, but hopefully you can now read the newsletters, including the daily CommsWire. 
Note they all appear on the front page of the website; just scroll down.

TelSoc has decided after much deliberation and feedback that we must focus back on serving Financial Members.
We will retain the category “Guest Members” for new people joining for three months, after which time they must become Financial Members or the account becomes inactive.
Existing Guest Members will have until the end of September to decide.
This means that to stay with TelSoc, we are asking you to become Financial Members.

To make this a little easier, we have three different ways to pay (available to all members). Take a look ....

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Please remember to login (lost password function is useful!).

To remind yourself why being a member of TelSoc is a good idea, check here.

In most cases you can claim the subscription against tax if you act by 30th June! (A receipt is available under your user account/order history)

Any problems, please contact me, Tim Herring, directly by email: or phone: 04 1733 9883