TelSoc News and Events

Dear TelSoc Member,

This is a reminder to pay your membership for TelSoc for 2020/21, which was due on 1st July.

For $120 pa (no GST), this represents good value for what is one of the oldest and most prestigious societies in Australia (founded 1874)

This year we are changing back to Financial Members only, so we are asking all of you to pay for membership please.
Quite a few of you have paid, so excuse me mailing you - if you are not sure, ask me by email and I will confirm.

Things have been a little quiet this year with only one major event in February, however we have decided to step things back up in August, 
when we will have three events on the 4th, 18th and 26th (watch this space for details). I am also planning a major event in Sydney for later in the year.

Here's looking forward to a successful year - we intend to work around the obstacles!

Best regards,
Tim Herring - TelSoc Executive Director, Mobile: 04 1733 9883