Fletcher Outlines Mobile Directions In Shanghai; Cloud Computing On The Rise, Says Abs; Cryptology Research Potentially A Criminal Activity; Alcatel-Lucent And Bluechip ?to Accelerate Move To Fibre Ultra-Broadband?; Inmarsat And European Space Agency In Major Mobile Satellite Comms Research Deal; Ericsson Celebrates Nbn Fixed Wireless Partnership Too.

17th July 2015

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NBN BLOWS OWN TRUMPET ON FIXED WIRELESSThe NBN might be delivering a sup-optimal wired service now the Government has directed it to use copper rather than fibre, but it says its wireless service will be first rate. JAPANESE TELCOS PLAN DSL SHUTDOWN TO FAVOUR FTTHFibre to the Home connections are something many Japanese have signed up to in the tens of millions for years, but DSL connections are steadily falling away to nothing.

16th July 2015

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Make The Nbn The Uso Provider, Says Vodafone; The Coutts Recommendations; Economuse: Mobiles And The Universal Service Obligation; The Ato Is Listening To The Sound Of Your Voice; Megaport Expanding Into The Us Market; Telstra Equity Deal Seals Partnership With Enepath; Iinet Secures Tasmanian Public Sector Contract.

15th July 2015

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Call for nominations - Charles Todd Medal 2015

15th July 2015

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?new Generation? Ict Services To Boost Telco Revenues; Beware The Hacker: Public Wi-Fi ?inherently Insecure?; China Way Out Front In Deployment Of Internet Of Things; Out Of Left Field: Surprise, Surprise ? Nbn Exceeds Low Expectations; Bigair Buys Applaud For $1.2 Million.

14th July 2015

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Speedcast Picks Up Newsat Business In Asset Fire Sale; Telstra Gsm Switch Off 2016 But Nokia Says 100% Gsm Data Growth; ?fantastic? New European 5g Initiative; Ericsson Claims Eu 5g Standards Lead; G.Fast And Vdsl Replacing Adsl; Business Takes A ?pragmatic? Approach To Iot.

13th July 2015

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Penn Pledges $500 Million More For Mobile Network; Andrew Penn?s First Speech As Telstra Ceo; Partnership Sealed To Build New Trans-Pacific Cable; Virtutel Chooses Brocade For Sdn; Blackberry Showcases Australian Users As Evidence Of Success Of New Strategy; Hp Contracted For Aged Care Network Deployment

10th July 2015

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Microsoft Admits $10 Billion Nokia Mistake; Defence Extends Optus Satellite Contract; Vodafone?s Major 4g Core Milestone In Building Network Of The Future; Samsung Profit ? Seven Straight Declines; Australia Follows Global Trend On Path To Mobile Internet Access.

9th July 2015

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160 Trillion Annual Mobile And Online Messages By 2019; Internet Plus To Underpin The ?rise Of Smart Cities? In China; M2m Is Booming, Says Vodafone; Semble Adds Public Transport To Its Nz Mobile Wallet; Nokia Networks Drones On With Proof Of Concept In Dubai

8th July 2015

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Iinet Chief Upset That Netflix Causing Demand Problems; Netflix Traffic Explosion: So What On Earth Did They Think Would Happen?; Optus Rejigs Unlimited Home Broadband Bundles - Raises Prices?; Iridium Partners With Beam Communications For Australian Market; Digital Pacific Acquires Fellow Web-Hosting Company Crucial ; Presto Adds Some Hd And Separately 90+ Hrs Of Bbc Docos.

7th July 2015

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