The NBN rollout is several years into the project; a recently released report from the ACCC has given insights into the wholesale market and initial market indicators show that the market is becoming less competitive. This paper examines the costs of interconnecting with the NBN and demonstrates why the NBN has not achieved its goal of providing a level playing field for all telecommunication companies. By looking at the true cost of providing NBN services to NBN users, it is shown that the NBN...

June 2016


Optus refunding $2 million to customers over mobile phone insurance breaches Optus is refunding more than $2 million to around 175,000 of its mobile customers after failing to disclose information about its mobile phone insurance. Boost Mobile's new plans, more data, int?l calls but 28-day expiry

13th July 2016


Conroy wants end to AFP's NBN investigation, calls for Switkowski resignation Labor Senator Stephen Conroy wants an immediate end to the investigation by the Australian Federal Police into NBN document leaks and has called for the resignation of NBN Co chairman Ziggy Switkowski over raids on his office. Telstra ticks but Optus picks ?PICK? of regional approval

7th July 2016


Election non-result leaves fate of Australian Government and NBN still unknown The fate of the NBN, superannuation changes, company tax cuts, the fate of the coalition Government and even that of the Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull is still unknown. NZ?s winter weather causes havoc with Spark broadband, landline services

4th July 2016


Vocus to buy Nextgen for $807 million Vocus Communications is set to buy fibre network owner Nextgen in a deal worth $807 million. Telstra to invest $250m to improve network Telstra plans to invest $250 million to make its network more resilient and to improve performance, the company's chief executive officer Andrew Penn said today. NBN Co chief architect Cross quits after six years

30th June 2016


Not 4Gotten: five more Vodafone MVNOs finally go 4G If you thought other Vodafone MVNOs besides Kogan had 4Gone 4G, you can 4Get that notion, as five more Vodafone MVNOs finally get the 4G experience. A big plus for DAB+ digital radio: 3.5 million listeners Listen up, Commercial Radio Australia proudly boasts it has reached 3.52 million listeners in the five metro capital cities, helped by ?solid growth in in-car listening.?

28th June 2016


Chat ousting the traditional phone number Chat is the next big digital disruption that may reduce traditional telcos' revenue even more ? many non-telco companies are jostling to become your sole, universal communications connection. NextDC, Metronode at odds over Nabers energy rating certification

27th June 2016


Telstra hits the mines as acquisition strategy rolls on Telstra has moved further into new territory in the mining industry with the acquisition of mining communications technology services business CBO Telecommunications and the formation of a new business division, Telstra Mining Services. Genesis: let there be gigabit backhaul speeds and 400Mbps access broadband over copper

24th June 2016


Fifield claims Labor's NBN policy based on 'two great deceits' The federal government claims Labor's NBN policy for the July 2 election, announced on Monday, is based on "two great deceits". US Appeals Court upholds ?net neutrality? rules The US ?DC Circuit? court has announced it has upheld the FCC?s ?Open Internet Rules? in a judgement overnight.

15th June 2016


Labor pledges 2m more will get FttP if it wins The Australian Labor Party has unveiled its NBN policy for the forthcoming federal election, pledging that up to two million more premises would get fibre to the premises (FttP) compared to what it called the "second-rate NBN" of the Coalition. IA supports Labor NBN review, wants stop to all political ?short-termism?

14th June 2016