CommsWire - 10 October 2017

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Are NBN prices out of control?
ECONOMUSE: There is no effective regulatory constraint on soaring ARPU - be afraid of ARPU very afraid.

ACCC wants to avoid regulatory imposition on NBN SAU variation
The competition watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, wants an industry-led outcome on the variations to the Special Access Undertaking for the national broadband network rather than regulatory imposition.

Belong mobile industry shakeup not a long shot but happening now
To Belong or not to Belong may well be the question on many people's list, especially those who love value-laden pre-paid style services, now that Belong has launched two tempting offerings.

Corning claims Netcomm Wireless DPU infringes innovation patent
Corning believes Netcomm's NDD-4100 distribution point unit, used in the NBN FTTC rollout, "infringes" on one of its newly obtained patents, but Netcomm Wireless believes the case is "lacking merit."

Australia communications industry pays tribute to Deirdre Mason
Communications Alliance and Communications Compliance today pay tribute to the much-loved and respected industry leader Deirdre Mason, who passed away on 8 October after a long battle with illness.

Yangan and Emu Vale townships get new dedicated mobile reception via Optus and Govt
Yangan and Emu Vale residents will receive "dedicated wide area mobile reception" with the site to be "co-funded by Optus, Queensland and Federal Governments."



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