Anomalous events such as link failure, misconfiguration, and Denial of Service attacks can affect the Internet inter-domain routing protocol. This effect can range from small to large-scale impact. While large-scale events can be detected using one or multiple global monitoring points, small-scale events need monitoring at the Autonomous System (AS) level. This paper presents a Real-time Detection Tool for Internet routing protocol Disruptions (RDTD) at AS-level. RDTD is a black-box statistical approach that detects disruptions based on observing changes in the underlying behaviour of a series of inter-domain routing updates rather than information contained in inter-domain routing updates. The RDTD can be connected to a designated AS to detect disruptions at that AS or to one of the collectors at public vantage points to detect the Internet routing disruptions from the public vantage-point’s view. The evaluation of the detection tool has been made through replaying route traffic related to one of the most well-known events within a controlled testbed. Our evaluation shows the ability of the detection tool to detect route leak in near real-time without requiring a long history of data. RDTD can also detect hidden anomalous behaviour in the underlying traffic that may pass without detection.

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