TelSoc News and Events

The Charles Todd Oration is almost upon us.  The Oration luncheon is being held in Sydney on Thursday, 12 October 2023.  We are now almost full, but a few seats can still be purchased.

For Sydney luncheon details and bookings, go to 2023 Charles Todd Oration: Rob Nicholls, Orator | Telsoc ,

For members and guests in Melbourne, there is a live video feed to Gilbert+Tobin's offices in the city.  Admission is free but you must register.  We are grateful to Gilbert+Tobin for hosting this event.

For the Melbourne live video feed and registration, go to Melbourne Event -- Charles Todd Oration -- Live Video Feed | Telsoc .

The Charles Todd Orator for 2023 is Rob Nicholls from the UNSW Business School.  He will be introduced by the Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland, last year's Charles Todd Orator.

We look forward to seeing you at the Sydney or Melbourne events.