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Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy


NBN in $150 million FTTN pilot with Telstra
? with Alcatel-Lucent vectoring cabinets

It?s OK to store data offshore, says Government

Telecom NZ reveals Internet TV details
? and more fibre
ANALYSIS      Telecom New Zealand?s retreat is complete

AARNet deal brings cloud to higher education 

Global mobile termination rates down

ACCC varies fixed line FADs

Australian business embracing social media

Telstra in major monitored security deal

Patrick Fair to head CA security panel

NBN cabling site for consumers

Can you live without your phone?

What if you don?t need the NBN?

SBS gets head start with Freeview Plus

Windows Phone gains 500 apps a day

ANALYSIS      Generation Next says content should be free

SubPartners secures cable for APX-West build 
? as Vocus buys stake in Sea-Me-We 3 cable

Australian data centre services revenues to exceed $1.7 billion by 2020 

Making the most of the 3.5 GHz band 

Dodo warned over customer usage alerts

Biggest ever ICANN meeting convenes in London

Vodafone customers live up ?truly unlimited? data weekend

More data for many Internode customers

Google ?considering Pacific cable investment?

Aussie cloud startup Maestrano launches ?world first? integration technology

The world wants phablets
? as Apple?s larger iPhone on the way 
OPINION      Confessions of a phablet phreak

SubPartners gets protection permit for APX-East

The Internet in Australia is 25 years old 

Telstra Global expands Asian network with two new points of presence in Taiwan

BT ?simplifies? threat monitoring

Australia slow in Internet speed rankings

Aussies catching the mobile commerce bug

AdelaideFree Wi-Fi network makes its debut

Huawei takes Aussie students to China