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The following was released to the media today:

NEWS RELEASE:  TelSoc Submission to the ACCC and to NBN Co on the SAU Variation 2021

TelSoc (the Telecommunications Association Inc.) today made a submission to the ACCC in response to the discussion paper and questions regarding the regulatory arrangements that might be established under a special access undertaking (SAU) for the nbn.
TelSoc also separately responded to NBN Co. in the request for comments on the same matter. 

For clarity, and in the interests of transparency, both documents were sent to both parties and are attached here in a single document: The first two pages to the ACCC plus a specific response to the ACCC questions in Attachment A and finally a two page response to NBN Co. 

The TelSoc Broadband Futures Group is strongly promoting the need for a ten year plan for Australian broadband. This was provided to the industry in October 2020 and is highly relevant to the discussion in hand.
The full report is 79 pages, but an executive summary of two pages contains the major points.


Media contact: Tim Herring – 0417 339883                                                15th July 2021   

TelSoc Chair:   Jim Holmes – 0400 634859